Cleaning your Pool Solar Cover

Having a pool solar cover helps to prevent rapid heat loss and evaporation. To ensure that it delivers the same top quality results each time, it is necessary that you regularly maintain it.

A pool solar cover can come in the form of plastic, vinyl, or liquid. Depending on the type of material you choose to go with, the cleaning routine for each will be different more details at:

Plastic solar covers:

Plastic covers can be more of a hassle to maintain in comparison to liquid solar covers. The plastic is made from bubble-wrap material, which automatically makes cleaning its surface a more demanding task. Since cleaning plastic covers can be somewhat of a pain, some people just resort to replacing their solar cover whenever it gets dirty.

Vinyl solar covers:
Vinyl is much easier to clean than plastic. All that is necessary is for you to spray away the dirt or debris from the pool cover and you’re done. Usually, it comes with a protective case that allows you to neatly fold and store away your cover when not in use. Due to its convenience and durability, most people prefer this type of solar pool cover over anything else.

Liquid solar covers:
Liquid covers are only cleaned through the filter system of the pool. First, you would have to drain out the pool, scrub clean the tiles at the bottom, and then refill the pool with water. Draining the pool is best for liquid covers because it allows for the cover to mix in with the chlorine already in the water. Depending on what the instructions on the liquid solar cover tell you, you may need to purchase a separate type of cover cleaner that will be added to the pool. The cleaner will “eat” away at the bacteria on the cover as it sits atop the surface of the water. Not all liquid solar covers require this extra step.

Cleaning and maintaining a solar pool cover is not a hard thing to do at all. If you follow these bare minimum maintenance steps, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to enjoy a long-lasting swimming pool cover that not only saves you money but energy as well. You should always remember to spray and wash the covers regularly so as to prevent the chemicals in the pool from causing damage to it in the long run.

The benefits of a solar pool cover are many. Because they purely run on solar energy, they save you lots from your monthly pool heating costs and electricity costs. They keep your pool clean and free of unwanted dirt and debris while maintaining the temperature inside the pool. All it takes to keep up good quality results is a regular cleaning routine that enables you to enjoy the benefits of the cover for a longer period of time. The cost of maintaining a solar cover is minimal. Investing in a pool solar cover is ultimately gentle on the wallet and environmentally friendly at the same time.